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An interactive work commissioned for Roll Out the Barrels! for the Visual Fringe of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Cymbal-Lene was played by noted Grammy-nominated percussionist, Toshi Makihara. Choreography was provided by Ariel Weiss Holyst with Jessica Dellecave.
Exhibited and sponsored by Dizyner's Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
The concert and performance were held at the cobblestone alley in front of Christ Church, Philadelphia, PA, USA. The turtle's hard shell of "scoots" was composed of cymbals to make a large resonating sound.

Sculpture, Installation, Public Art, Mixed Media,  Pop Art
Cymbal-Lene, the Sea Turtle
Mixed Media: Cardboard Barrel, Shopping Cart Armature, Aluminum Ducting, Cymbals, Bubble Wrap, Wire
33 x 44 x 66