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Flowering Vines and Seasonal Plantings (Clematis, Morning Glory, Honeysuckle,
Ivy) over Painted Steel Rod Armature
Small Stack: 60 x 71 x 71
Site: 1/4 acre

Commissioned for a Private Garden, Princeton , NJ, USA

The Haystacks series are sculptural compositions inspired by Monet’s paintings of haystacks.
As an image it holds many levels of meaning: it is a haystack, an image from the landscape; it is a house, a magical abode in the field; it is observed nature, transformed, humanized.
With its multicolored plantings, the Haystack in the Garden seeks to capture the impressionist play of light and color of Monet's haystacks painted at various times of day and year and under different conditions of light.

Sculpture, Site and Time Specific Installation, Steel, Flowering Vines, Seasonal Plantings, Landscape, Nature
Haystack in the Garden
Flowering Vines and Seasonal Plantings over Painted Steel Rod Armature