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2000 and 2006-07
Steel Wool over Painted Steel Rod Armature
Large Stack (1): 84 x 100 x 100
Small Stacks (2): 60 x 71 x 71
Site: 1/2 acre
Doylestown, PA [2000] and New Hope, PA [2006-07]

Temporary Public Art Commission for the grounds of the James A. Michener Art Museum, Doylestown, PA, USA. Funding for installation provided by The Leeway Foundation, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Re-sited for Sculpture New Hope: Outdoors, 2006-07, New Hope Arts, Inc., grounds of the First National Bank of Newtown, New Hope, PA, USA.
Available through art4business, inc., Philadelphia, PA, USA, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, USA; and, art4business, ltd., Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK
The Haystacks in the Field series are sculptural compositions inspired by Monet’s paintings of haystacks.
As an image it holds many levels of meaning: it is a haystack, an image from the landscape; it is a house, a magical abode in the field; it is observed nature, transformed, humanized.
With the choice of steel wool as its medium it also documents the passage of time. As the stacks age, they are ever-changing and evolving in shape, color and texture.

Sculpture, Site and Time Specific Installation, Steel, Landscape, Nature
Haystacks in the Field, No. 1 (Day 240)
Steel Wool over Painted Steel Rod Armature
(1) 84 x 100 x 100; (2) 60 x 71 x 71