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2000 and 2006-07
Steel Wool over Painted Steel Rod Armature
Large Stack (1): 84 x 100 x 100
Small Stacks (2): 60 x 71 x 71
Site: 1/2 acre
Doylestown, PA [2000] and New Hope, PA [2006-07]

Temporary Public Art Commission for the grounds of the James A. Michener Art Museum, Doylestown, PA, USA. Outdoor Sculpture Program sponsored by Premier Bank. Funding for installation provided by The Leeway Foundation, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Re-sited for Sculpture New Hope: Outdoors, 2006-07, New Hope Arts, Inc., grounds of the First National Bank of Newtown, New Hope, PA
Available through art4business, inc., Philadelphia, PA, USA, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, USA; and, art4business, ltd., Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK
The Haystacks in the Field series are sculptural compositions inspired by Monet’s paintings of haystacks.
As an image it holds many levels of meaning: it is a haystack, an image from the landscape; it is a house, a magical abode in the field; it is observed nature, transformed, humanized.
With the choice of steel wool as its medium it also documents the passage of time. As the stacks age, they are ever-changing and evolving in shape, color and texture.

Sculpture, Site and Time Specific Installation, Steel, Landscape, Nature
Haystacks in the Field, No. 1 (Day 240)
Steel Wool over Steel Rod Armature
(1) 84 x 100 x 100; (2) 60 x 71 x 71