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Juggler: 120 x 103 x 33
Composition: 240 x 139 x 48
Site: 1/4 acre
Created for Chairs in the Air: A Circus! A Sculptural Installation in Multiple Acts by the Philadelphia Sculptors in Collaboration with exhibitors at The Philadelphia Furniture and Furnishings Show Furniture 2003 - A Regionwide Celebration and The Furniture Society; and the cooperation of The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Funding was provided by a grant from The Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Corporation.
The opening featured More Than Just A Seat a commissioned performance by the Spiral Q Puppet Theatre across from The University of the Arts and the Kimmel Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
After its exhibition in Philadelphia, %Chairs in the Air: A Circus! % was exhibited on the grounds of Burlington Community College, Pemberton, NJ, USA.
Photographic Credit Courtesy of the Philadelphia Sculptors' website, www.philasculptors.org.

Sculpture, Installation, Public Art, Mixed Media,  Pop Art
The Juggler
Mixed Media: Chair donated by The Philadelphia Furniture and Furnishings Show and The Furniture Society, Wood, Wire, Tennis Balls, Steel Scaffolding
120 x 103 x 33