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Photographic Credit Courtesy of Windows on Fifth, Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, USA.
Cell of Myself with its stark contrast of a smooth industrial surface wrapped and encased in a random arrangement of organic branches is an image of a state of mind, the self intact and whole but surrounded by the chaos of the world.
In 2011 %Cell of Myself %was awarded the Dr. Lionel E. Rebhun Memorial Award in the National Association of Women Artists’ 122 Annual Exhibition, Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Gallery, New York, NY, USA; and, in 2011-12 was exhibited in the National Sculpture Society’s online juried exhibition Love www.nationalsculpture.org. In 2012 it was selected for exhibition in Windows on Fifth, Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, USA; and, in 2013 in the Library of Life, Art in City Hall exhibition, City Hall, Philadelphia, PA, curated by Jennifer Sontchi and Sean Stoops.
It will be published in the American Art Collector, Alcove Books, late 2013; and, in early 2014 in Green Art: Trees, Roots and Leaves, E. Ashley Rooney and Margery Goldberg, authors, Schiffer Publishing.
Available through Sidetracks Art Gallery, New Hope, PA, USA.

Cell of Myself
Cell of Myself
Patinated Cast Bronze
35 x 34 x 27