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In 1994 in the Phillips Mill 65th Annual Fall Exhibition, Phillips Mill, New Hope, PA, USA, The River’s Course was awarded The Solebury School Award in Memory of The Founders (for Drawing), and the sculpture Annunciation received the award For Sculpture from the Inn at Phillips Mill, only the second time in the exhibition’s 65th year history (now in its 84th season) that an artist was awarded two prizes.
In drawing and painting I work directly from nature, exploring, as in sculpture, a synthesis of abstraction and realism, positive space activating negative space, the pictorial field alive.
I pursue drawing with the same intensity as I do sculpture. Each enriches the other, resonating back and forth in a dialogue of shared imagery, structure and thought.
A new voice spoke to me over 20 years ago with my move from New York to Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It was the land and the River. It spoke a language I had never known, but spoke a secret language to my heart. The contemplation of the expressive figure gave way to the perception and experience of life in a glorious landscape and a hand-touch away from the River. It said this is home.

The River's Course
The River's Course
Charcoal on Paper
36 x 43