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Maquette: Wood, Gravel on Painted Foamcore Board
Proposed Site-Specific Media: Mirror Finish Stainless Steel and Patinated Bronze,
River jack
Maquette: 1 x 25 x 16; Scale: 1" = 1'
Proposed Site-Specific Dimensions: 12 x 300 x 192
Commission Budget: $ 90,000

And Quietly Flows the River was selected as one of the finalist designs in the international competition for the Outdoor Public Sculpture Commission for the Mayor's Neighborhood Leadership Council's RiverWalk Project, Life of the River, in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA.
Its serpentine structural design visually imitates flowing water. As you walk along the banks of a river, so, too, you must walk with the sculpture.
Proposed to be fabricated in highly polished mirror finish stainless steel, its surface is reflective to convey the shimmering quality of light playing on the surface of water, a surface that not only reflects the landscape and sky but also ourselves. We, too, are a part of the river.

Sculpture, Public Art, Site-Specific Installation, Plastic, Aluminum, Bronze. Waterscape, Nature
And Quietly Flows the River
Mixed Media Maquette for proposed stainless steel and bronze fabrication