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Maquette: Wood, Wire, Plastic, Foil
Proposed Installation Medium: Cast and Fabricated Patinated Bronze
Maquette: 7 x 22 x 12; Scale: 1" = 1'
Proposed Site Specific Dimensions: 84 x 264 x 144 [inches]
Installation: Suspended from the Ceiling; Weight: 2,000 lbs.
Commission Budget: $ 40,000

A Walk in the Garden was chosen as one of the five semi-finalist designs for DC Creates Public Art, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities' Suspended Sculpture Installation for the new St Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, DC, USA. The commission was awarded to a DC based artist.
For the composition, I have chosen imagery that will bring one of the joyous sides of nature to the clinical hospital atmosphere - an open linear structure of a very colorful butterfly bush complete with many flowers, leaves and butterflies. I feel that the multiple stages of the butterfly's life - its metamorphosis from cocoon, chrysalis to beautiful butterfly - will have powerful patient identification, mirroring the patients' delicate transition from sickness, frailty to strength, emergence and rebirth.
The butterflies are suspended on wire. The building’s air circulation system provides the necessary force to twirl them in the air, providing the illusion that they are fluttering among the flowers and leaves.

Sculpture, Public Art, Site-Specific Suspended Installation, Bronze, Landscape, Nature
A Walk in the Garden