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A site-specific installation for the exhibition Artists in Dialogue with the Landscape for the Adkins Arboretum, Ridgely, MD (Eastern Shores), USA.
Published internationally in Issue # 3: OIL. MAKE8ELIEVE Art and Culture Magazine, United States and Switzerland, http://www.make8elieve.com, February 8+, 2013, Curated by Michelle Marie Murphy (Ohio) and Baptiste Lefebvre (Switzerland).
Toxic circles, undrinkable water issuing forth from blackened vessels, do not approach or touch. X marks the spot for contamination, X for forever gone, X for what we have allowed to happen.
No Fracking is a visual statement warning of the potential and irrevocable contamination of our water supply by the toxic effects of the horizontal hydraulic fracturing of the United States’ shale formations. Over 750 toxic chemicals are used to extract natural gas from the shale. This industry is highly unregulated.
If fracking is defined as only a single fracture of deep shale that action may be benign. However, when multiple fracks are done in multiple adjacent wells, the risk for contaminating drinking water may rise. If fracking is defined as the entire industrial operation, including drilling and the storage of waste water, contamination has already been found.

Sculpture, Site-Specific Installation, Steel, Glass, Landscape, Nature, Politics, Recycled Materials
No Fracking
Painted Steel Wire, Recylced Cut Glass Bottles
9 x 129 x 129