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Created for the exhibition New Hope, New Media, New Hope Arts Center, New Hope, PA, USA, January - February, 2013.
I have long been fascinated with the elegance and lyricism of water imagery and have sought to realize its meditative and tranquil qualities in sculpture. Waterfall’s reflective surface visualizes the magical sensation of sunlight playing on the surface of water, it is a shimmering wall moving, responding to air currents, alive with light. Its surface not only reflects the landscape and sky but also ourselves as we observe and walk by. We, too, see ourselves in the sculpture.
The media choice of cut plastic allows me to develop a design on a monumental scale without the cost of metal fabrication or casting. However, Waterfall can be re-created in a permanent medium such as mirror-finish stainless steel.

Sculpture, Site-Specific Installation, Plastic, Waterscape, Nature, Recylced Materials
Cut Plastic, Nickel Rods
126 x 93 x 29