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I have long been fascinated with the elegance and lyricism of water imagery and have sought to realize its meditative and tranquil qualities in sculpture.
Take Nagare, No. 2 (Waterfall)
Patinated Cast Bronze
96 x 132 x 40

Photographed at my 2009-2010 solo show with the painter Bruce Rigby at the Ellarslie Mansion, the Trenton City Museum, Trenton, NJ, USA.
Inspired by my college studies, Take Nagare, No. 2 is one bronze work in a series of seven. This series seeks to unite observed nature with abstract design in an effort to achieve the meditative and transcendent power of the landscapes of Asian watercolor painting and ink drawing.
As a relief composed of multiple sections, Take Nagare, No. 2 can be adapted to fit a multitude of wall dimensions.

Collection of the Artist

Take Nagare, No. 3 (Waterfall)
Take Nagare, No. 3 (Waterfall)
Wax for Bronze Casting
84 x 25 x 25